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Doom Pictures

Torch drawings on photographic paper 4‘ x 3’


‘Hoodies’ became the generic term for unknown youth offenders or presumed troublemakers. It was the branding of this phenomenon in the news that inspired this series of drawings.


Seemingly it was the unknown/ faceless element of the outfits that inspired such fear in the public. The drawings are produced by shining a torch onto photographic-paper, so the final image is invisible and unknown until developed. They become imagined assailants, looming out from the wall surrounding the viewer like a gang. However, due to the element of chance in the process, some drawings closer resembled media images of terrorists, or perhaps the archetypal doom character The Grim Reaper. To complete this sartorial spiral of doom from personal, to local, to international, and finally to global; four were produced evoking the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


Congregation show installation



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