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Seaside Cabinet and
Livingroom Cabinet
plywood and found objects

The cabinets are inspired by furniture owned by my parents and grandparents during my childhood. The teak finish and curved shape combine and confuse seventies and thirties styles, producing familiar but mysterious objects. 

Livingroom Cabinet contains a video and Seaside Cabinet contains an Odilon Redon image/ book, a sound piece in the shell and a secret room. 

'An Endless Descent'
Canto Cabinets 
plywood and found objects
These cabinets were originally built for a show titled 'An Endless Descent', installed around a 1930's stair case. They were designed to blend in with the surroundings, and various electrical or key boxes already on the walls.  
Each Cabinet was based on a different layer of hell from Dante's Inferno, two containing photo-drawings and one a sound piece. 
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